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The ULTIMATE Jugglers KIT v1

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[title text=”16 Great Juggling props, 1 AMAZING price! ” style=”bold_center”]

  • Play PX3 ‘Vegas’ Juggling Clubs x 3
  • Juggle Dream ‘Uglies’ Juggling Balls x 3
  • Play 130mm Body Rolling Ball x 1
  • Play MMX3 Juggling Ball x 3
  • Play Saturn Juggling Ring x 3
  • Henry’s Natural Cigar Box x 3

PX3 ‘Vegas’ Juggling Clubs – list at $35 each! = $105 for 3 of them
‘Uglies’ – List at $5 each! = $15 for 3 of them
Play MMX3 Juggling Ball – list at $9 each = $27 for 3 of them
Saturn Ring – lists at $8 each = $24 for 3 of them
Henry’s Cigar box – lists at $20 each =  $60 for 3 of them

Their Total: $231.00 + Shipping $268
Our Total: $220.00 + Free Shipping 
You save $48.00


$268.00 $220.00

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Just starting out juggling or a seasoned pro, we have selects some AMAZING juggling tools to set you up for sucess!

So what do you get with this extraordinary juggling kit? Well, glad you asked.

Play PX3 ‘Vegas’ Juggling Clubs x 3

This is the juggling club everyone is excited about… The PX3 Vegas is becoming ‘The’ numbers club favored by sports jugglers. As used by Vova and Olga, Deitz, Burrage, Garfield and endorsed by the WJF. This juggling club comes with a slimmer handle than most clubs and a very light weight body. The PVC dowel is incredibly durable and ensures that each club is of a uniform weight and balance. This club is ideal for numbers and has got us all excited over ‘euro’ style clubs again. These clubs can further be customized with the Play knobs and ends.

Juggle Dream ‘Uglies’ Juggling Balls x 3

These juggling balls have been specifically designed for technical sports jugglers. Quite simply, they are a fantastic juggle and perfect for numbers! Each ball is under-filled much like a traditional Russian ball, making it fantastic for stalls and foot catches etc. The artificial suede skin feels very grippy and the overall ‘squeeze’ of the ball means getting a few in each hand is easy. Exceptional performance from these six panel bean bags – you will be amazed at how your numbers juggling improves with using these balls. With the growing popularity of sport juggling, we feel its essential to be able to cater for more advanced customers looking to push their juggling to the next level. The ‘Ugly’ ball will allow you to do the same.

Play 130mm Body Rolling Ball x 1

The Play Stage Ball is hollow and made of a flexible PVC which gives the ball great grip. This size is designed specifically for Contact Juggling and Body Rolling. UV reactive colors. The 130mm Play body rolling ball is a great ball for mastering body rolls and basic & advanced contact tricks.

Play MMX3 Juggling Ball x 3

The most popular Play Hybrid ball gets a 75mm release – Available in super bright UV reactive colors and with the super soft shell found on all MMX balls. MMX3 is very slightly under-filled, has a washable skin and tiny plug. If you want a large stage ball that behaves and performs like a thud this is the ball for you. The skin keeps a much rounder shape and the weight is distributed across the ball perfectly. You will also find much less weight discrepancy between balls with the MMX range. Highly recommended.

Play Saturn Juggling Ring x 3

The Saturn rings from Play Juggling are the number one ring for performance. Their giant size and bright, opaque colors make them very visible. The inside and outside edges have been rounded and made a little thicker for more comfortable catches. The 4mm thickness means you can get plenty in each hand (as well as over your head, around your foot, on each arm etc…). Each ring is just over 40cm (outside diameter). As well as being great for numbers juggling, they are also ideal for spinning and floor tricks.

Henry’s Natural Cigar Box x 3

The Cigar Box from Henry’s is a favorite prop among box enthusiasts. The natural wood grain gives a lovely textured grip to the boxes, and a satisfying sound when you land that trick just right. The quality felt on the ends is good at making the boxes ‘cling’ but not ‘stick’ to each other.


Due to the heavy discount we offer on this package, we cant offer color selection. However please send us an email after you order and let us know what colors you would like, we will do our best to get them, however they may not be in stock and we will send you a color most like it.


It will take about 15 ~ 20 days to ship your order from time of sale.






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