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Fire Eating Date for 2

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A fun filled evening of learning how to eat fire with you and a friend!

Doesn’t get much more rememberable than watching a loved one or friend take on the challenge of eating fire.

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Fire Eating Date for 2

Fire Eating Date Night for 2!

Looking for something wild to do with a loved one or friend? Looking for a fun event that will leave a lasting memory? Why not stick a flaming torch into your mouth together? Yes, the art of fire eating, its deadly, its sexy, its hot, and now you can learn it too!

Now is your chance to get a sample of this time honored art up close and personal. Taught by the found of the Imperial OPA Circus and Fire eating veteran Tim Mack (Who attempted to break the worlds record for eating the most fire torches in one minuet in 2015).

Tim will travel to your home or you can come to his, he will have all the gear you need. Then the fun starts.

This is truly an experience that will test your fortitude and natural reaction.

The Session is a one hour in length that goes a little something like this.

  • Arrival and greeting.
  • Signing waver and recording video waver.
  • Talking about the dangers of Fire arts.
  • Talking about the fire safety.
  • Introduction to the torches and how to perform the stunts.
  • Dry run, no fire.
  • Lighting Torches and touching the flame.
  • Fire play on hands, lighting one torch from your hand
  • Making the fire “Jump”
  • Building up to eating fire.
  • Fire eating – mouth extinguish
  • Depending on comfort level:
    • Lighting your tongue on fire.
  • Wrap up and good by.

After you order:

  • Please have a selection of dates that could work for your and email us them.
  • Best time to learn this is right around sun set, so when the sun has set you are eating your first torches, Night is the next best time as you can see the flame in all its might! The worst time for this class is during a sunny day.
  • Best location for learning is out side or in a large open room.
  • NOTE ** If its a very windy day, this would not work well for a lesson, wind blows the flames and makes it harder to learn. Windy Days outside will not work for fire eating.

Additional Notes:

  • You are welcome to have other friends around, but only 2 people will be allowed to partake.
  • For each additional person over 2, its +$100. 5 Maximum students at any time.
  • If you would like a dedicated photographer to come along its +$250


While every effort is made to ensure a safe and fun experience for you, Be aware that fire is a deadly element that can kill you, main you, or cause lasting damage to your body. If performed in an improper way this CAN KILL YOU. User assumes all risk.

  • When the teacher arrives if you have been drinking or under any influences, or show any signs that you are not 100% present and ready, the teacher reserves the right to cancel the session with no refund. You must be Sober and awake.
  • YOU MUST BE 18 YEARS OF AGE OR OLDER – No Exceptions or Parental wavers. (*We will check id’s when we arrive).



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